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Day One - Tuesday, 13 December 2022

9:00 EST

Software Defined Systems (SDS) Program Updates
Ken Dingman, 
L3Harris and Co-Chair of WInnForum SDS Committee,

  • SCA 2.2.2 and JTNC Test Application (slides)
  • SDS Standards (slides)
  • SDS Projects
    • Harmonized Audio Facility
    • Tactical Communications Standards
ESSOR (slides unavailable)
Rhega Wenske, 
SDR Specialist - ESSOR Program, OCCAR 

10:30 EST


11:00 EST

Keynote: Receiver Standards (slides)
Ira Keltz,

11:25 EST

Session: FCC Technological Advisory Council (TAC)  and Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee (CSMAC) (TAC slides) (CSMAC slides)


Information session with:

  • Mark Gibson, CommScope
  • Andrew Clegg, Google
  • Dave Wright, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
  • Amit Mukhopadhyay, Nokia

11:50 EST

Spectrum X : The Nation's First Spectrum Innovation Center (slides)
Nick Laneman,
University of Notre Dame, and Monisha Ghosh, SpectrumX

12:30 EST


1:00 EST

Session: Successes and Challenges of CBRS (slides not presented)

Presentations and panel with:

  • Samian KaurComcast
  • Andrew Clegg, Google
  • Patrick Welsh, Verizon
  • Col. Andrew Martin, US Department of Defense
  • Paul Powell, FCC
  • Moderated by John Glossner, Optimum Semiconductor Technologies

2:00 EST

Session: Propagation Models Used in Spectrum Sharing Policy (slides)

 Speakers include:

  • Billy Kozma (organizer), NTIA ITS
  • Rebecca DorchNTIA ITS
  • Paul McKennaNTIA ITS
  • Mike Cotton, NTIA ITS 
  • Adam HicksNTIA ITS

Topics include:

  • Problem statement, e.g., defining old and new use cases
  • New ITS approach to mid-band prop model standardization with 5-year goals – currently focused on the 3.1-4.2 GHz band
  • Recent results and next steps in troposcatter, terrain diffraction, and clutter propagation R&D
  • Means of collaboration

3:30 EST

Day one closing remarks


Day Two - Wednesday, 14 December 2022

9:00 EST

SDR Standards - SOSA Focus

  • SOSA Background (slides unavailable)

    Garrett Sargent, Psoas LLC

  • SCA 4.1 SOSA Integration SBIR (slides)
    Steve Bernier,

10:30 EST


11:00 EST

WInnForum Updates (slides)
WInnForum President John Glossner,Optimum Semiconductor Technologies

11:30 EST

Keynote:  Informing Incumbent Capability (IIC)
Dr. Paul Ransom, NTIA   (slides)


12:00 EST


12:15 EST

Session: Passive and Active Spectrum Sharing (PASS) to Protect Radio Astronomy and for Passive EOS Satellites (slides)

Includes a report on activities within Hat Creek Radio Observatory with speakers:

  • Andrew Clegg, Google
  • David DeBoer, UC-Berkeley/HCRO
  • Elliot Eichen, University of Colorado 
  • Kevin Gifford, University of Colorado

1:45 EST


2:00 EST

Session: Emerging Technologies
Organized by Andrew Clegg, Google

  • "The Advanced Spectrum Monitor: Details and Capabilities," Kevin Shoemaker, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (slides)

  • "Conquering the Spectrum above 100 GHz," Josep Jornet, Northeastern University (slides)
  • "Adaptive and Reconfigurable Circuit Technology for Wireless Coexistence," Charles Baylis, Baylor University

3:00 EST

Day two closing remarks


Day Three - Thursday, 15 December, 2022

9:00 EST

SDR Standards  - SCA Focus (slides)

  • JTNC Update
    • Mr. Pranav Jani (JTNC Opening remarks) - JTNC Standards Lead

    • Ms. Chalena Jimenez (JTNC Overview slides) - JTNC Standards / G2 Software Systems
  • SCA 4.1 Test Suite Demo
    • Mr. Huan Dao (SCA 4.1 Test Suite Demo slides) - JTEL / G2 Software Systems
    • Mr. Matthew Lyons (SCA 4.1 Test Suite Demo video and Q/A) - JTEL / G2 Software Systems
  • SCA 4.1 Compliance SBIR
    • Jakub Moskal, Vistology

--- parallel session ---


International Panel
Talks and Panel, organized by WInnForum Chief Regulatory Officer, Prakash Moorut, Shure


  • Keynote by Heikki Kokkinen, FairSpectrum, on Spectrum Sharing initiatives in Europe (slides)
  • Spectrum updates & roundup of sharing around the world, including
    • Shalini Periyalwar, ISED (Canada) (slides)

    • Mohammed S. AlSehali, CST (Saudi Arabia) (slides)

    • Eric Fournier, ANFR (France) (slides)

    • Helen Hearn, Ofcom (UK) (slides)

11:00 EST


11:30 EST

Session: Spectrum Sharing Pipeline in the US
Moderated by Mark GibsonCommScope

  • 3.1 GHz, David MuellerAT&T Business (slides)
  • 7 to 8 GHz, Stephen Rayment, Ericsson (slides)
  • 12.7 GHz,  Nick Oros, FCC (slides)

12:30 EST

Session: 6 GHz Update (slides)
Mark GibsonCommScope

1:00 EST

Endnote: Next G Alliance Goals and Vision (slides)

Amitava Ghosh, Nokia 

2:00 EST

Day three closing remarks

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