WInnComm Goes Virtual for 2021!
Program now available!

Have an idea for a Wireless Innovation?

We want to know all about it! We are looking for presenters for our virtual WInnComm 2021 Wireless Innovations session, Thursday, 2 December at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern time.

What are we looking for specifically? Stakeholders who can identify perceived or real shortcomings in the wireless domain propose innovations that could potentially address these shortcomings.

If this sounds like you, email [email protected] by 29 October with a few sentence proposal describing your innovation and we will contact you.

You are invited to join us 30 November - 2 December for a deep dive into the future of wireless communications technology, with sessions and talks on: 

  • Midband Spectrum (3.45 Ghz, CBRS, C-Band, 6 GHz and more)
  • Methods of Sharing
  • Passive and Active Spectrum Sharing
  • Drone Networking
  • Most Wanted Wireless Innovations
  • International Regulation

With keynotes from

  • Scott Patrick (NTIA)
  • Ira Keltz (FCC OET)
  • Martha Suarez (Dynamic Spectrum Alliance)
  • John Chapin (National Science Foundation)

Click here for the full program with session descriptions 

Who attended previous years: 
  • Researchers and Technology Developers (~48% of Last Year Attendees) 
  • Equipment Manufacturers, Network Providers and Other Acquisition Authorities (~52% of Lat Year Attendees)
  • Investors, Regulators and Analysts

 What you get for coming: 

  • Networking opportunities with leaders in the advanced wireless community who can help you in advancing your organizations objectives
  • Access to presentations, and workshops providing updates on the latest advances in software defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies
  • Insight into new products and services being offered at all levels of the wireless value chain to address your specific requirements 
  • Updates on market requirements and changes in regulation that could impact your organization in the next 12 months and beyond.T make your tutorial submission, click below:

 "WInnComm is an excellent place for academics to meet industry leaders to understand their critical problems and to present research ideas to leaders that can implement their ideas. The event also provides the opportunity to build relationships with industry leaders that can transition technology from the lab into successful products."

 -- Dr. Jeffrey Reed, Virginia Tech

Why you should attend:


  • If you are researcher or developer working on software defined radio and cognitive radio technologies, seeking industry recognition for your current work and feedback/funding on next steps, SDR-WInnComm provides access to Radio Manufacturers, System Integrators, Procurement Authorities and End User Representatives in commercial, civil and defense markets seeking SDR and CR technology solutions to emerging wireless communications requirements;
  • If you are a radio manufacturers, system integrator, procurement authority or end user, seeking SDR and CR technology solutions to emerging wireless communications requirements , SDR-WInnComm provides access to information on the latest in SDR and CR technologies from leading researchers and developers; 
  • If you are in sales and marketing seeking new contacts and exposure for your company and/or product, SDR-WInnComm provides the premier venue to interact with your targeted customer base, see what your competition is doing and stay abreast of all the newest software defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio (CR) and dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies.


Not able to attend but still want to purchase access to the Proceedings?

Click here.  

"Excellent range of topics, talks, and opportunities to network.”

— Keith Nolan, CTVR

Online proceedings are made freely available to registered conference attendees only for the first 12 months after the conference. Individuals wishing who were not registered but wish to access these proceedings may do so by purchasing access using the form available here:. Proceedings will be made publically available in advance of SDR’11 WInnComm to be held 29 November to 2 December in Washington, DC
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