From Then to Now
The evolution of the SCA and its future

Wednesday, 20 November, 14:00

Come and see how far the SCA has come and discuss its future evolution.  In this track, NordiaSoft will review the evolution of the SCA highlighting the benefits of the standard for not only tactical communications systems but for any software defined systems, and particularly for those heterogeneous and distributed ones such as found in communications systems, radar, electronic warfare, smart vehicle, and commercial base stations.  With the overall standardization process embraced by the Wireless Innovation Forum, not only for the SCA standard itself but for all of the APIs related to wireless systems, a strong and dynamic eco-system has been created to greatly simplify the development and testing of SDR / SDS.  Using commercially available systems, we will show how the waveforms can now be designed and assembled by components, optimized for performance via deployment strategies, tested using software probes inserted within the processing chain.

We will also present, for an open discussion with the participants, a number of ideas and concepts that could be worked on in an international forum to evolve the standard to expand its reach in other domains or for different requirements.


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