Understanding the Rules for TV Band Devices Workshop


Tuesday, Nov. 30
Sponsored by: Wireless Innovation Forum Cognitive Radio Work Group

In November, 2008 the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced a landmark decision allowing the use of fixed and personal/portable devices in “unused” TV Band spectrum, referred to as “white space.” Numerous petitions for reconsideration were filed along with several database manager proposals and in September of 2010, the FCC published a Second Memorandum Opinion and Order on Unlicensed Operation in the TV Broadcast Bands. In a related action, in November 2010, OFCOM launched a consultation on the implementation of Geolocation Databases in the UK.


The purpose of this workshop is to explore the critical technical, business and regulatory “go to market” issues for TV Band Devices, and to develop a collaborative action plan that addresses immediate needs while maximizing the possibilities for future innovation and success throughout the wireless value chain. The workshop will begin with a tutorial review of the current FCC rules, followed by a round table panel discussion exploring these rules and discussing future requirements for Information Services databases supporting TV Band Devices.

09:00 - noon Workshop Agenda


"Updates on the TV White  Space Rules and Opportunities" by Peter Stanforth, Spectrum Bridge 

  • A brief summary of what TV White Space is and how the FCC envisions it being used.
  • Examples of some of the trial uses to date.
  • An overview of the rules related who and what can use TV white space;
    • Specifically who is protected and how, and the definition and use of High Power and Low Power devices.
  • OET database provider update
  • Summary of the tertiary activities, including 802.11af, and likely timelines are for early and mass adoption

Panel, moderated by James Neel, CRT Wireless


Mark Gibson, Comsearch

Paul Lambert, Marvell Semiconductor

Rick Rotondo, xG Technology

Peter Stanforth, Spectrum Bridge

Neil Keon, WSdB
Jesse Caulfield, KeyBridge
John Malyar, Telcordia

noon - 13:30  Lunch


13:30 - 13:40  Conference Welcome, John Glossner, Sandbridge Technologies and Conference Chair

13:40 - 14:20 Conference Keynote: Masiyuki Ariyoshi, Principal Researcher and Cognitive Radio Research Project Leader System Platforms Research Laboratories Central Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation

14:20 - 15:00 Conference Keynote: Tom Stroup, CEO, Shared Spectrum Company



15:00 Coffee Break





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