SCA Next Rollout


Extended battery life and operator response on small processors have become primary requirements for the SCA and JTRS program. Given these and a host of other drivers SCA Next has been restructured to better accommodate a variety of form factors from small radios to prime-power, multi-channel sets. SCA Next has a number of significant changes, most notably: CORBA is no longer required; compliance is flexible – permitting the set to be tailored to the mission and a new “push” architecture reduces messaging traffic and enables faster boot times.

This marks the public release of the SCA Next specification and the intent of this session is to explore some of its technical highlights and discuss strategies for its application to new platforms and domains.


  • SCA Next Introduction and Overview

  • SCA Next Highlights

o   Lightweight Components

o   Deployment Optimizations

o   Profiles and SCA Conformance

o   CORBA Neutral SCA

  • Way Forward

  • Q&A






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