Open CPI Tutorial


Presented by Michael Pepe, Mercury Federal Systems, Inc.

Open Component Portability Infrastructure (OpenCPI) An open source software (OSS) software framework to simplify complexity & enable code portability of real-time systems o Middleware for Waveform-Ready™ Processing Platforms o Real-time middleware for embedded systems o Improved waveform code portability with standards-based interfaces o Increased interoperability using container technology o Open source software,, limits vendor lock-in OpenCPI is an innovative middleware solution that simplifies programming of heterogeneous processing environments consisting of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA), general-purpose processors (GPP), digital signal processors (DSP), and high-speed switch fabrics. OpenCPI greatly improves code portability, interoperability, and performance in FPGA and DSP-based environments by providing well-defined waveform component APIs with a set of infrastructure building blocks that act as a hardware abstraction layer (HAL). OpenCPI simplifies the programming, integration and deployment of real-time systems to ultimately increase competition in this space. We propose to accomplish this by making the underlying real-time infrastructure and middleware into a technology commodity. Today's myriad communications standards and rapidly evolving new-generation waveforms have created a need to build communications systems that are ready to accept any present or future waveform. Waveform-Ready™ processing platforms combine the latest processor, transceiver, and interconnect technologies with the CPI to help customers meet this challenge. Building on the concepts introduced by the U.S. Government's Software Communications Architecture (SCA) standard, CPI extends component-based architectures into FPGAs and DSPs to decrease development costs and time to market through code portability, reuse, and ease of integration. CPI is based on 30 man-years of funding. OpenCPI is used in real-time signal processing for embedded, heterogeneous systems for communications, xxxINT (Signals, Communications, Electronics, etc. - Intelligence) and CIED (Counter Improvised Explosive Devices) in defense intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems.





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