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Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, electronics and communications. Information about Agilent is available on the Web at 



CEVA is the world's leading licensor of DSP Cores and Platform Solutions for the wireless, consumer electronics and storage markets. CEVA's IP portfolio includes comprehensive technologies for cellular baseband (supporting GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, HSPA+, TD-SCDMA, LTE and LTE-A), HD Video (1080p 60fps H.264, MVC, S3D, etc.), mobile Audio and Bluetooth. In 2010, CEVA's IP was shipped in over 600 million devices, powering handsets from 7 out of the top 8 handset OEMs, including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and ZTE. Today, more than 1 in every 3 handsets shipped worldwide is powered by a CEVA DSP core.


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Coherent Logix is the world leader of the lowest power, high performance, C-programmable processors for the embedded systems market. Coherent Logix's comprehensive solutions portfolio includes processors, integrated system development tools, optimized libraries, system reference designs, and a customizable system development platform to reduce development complexity and time-to-market. These solutions are designed to support a wide variety of industries, including automotive, broadcast, computer, consumer, industrial, medical, military, test and measurement, wireless, and wireline. 




For over 50 years, CRC has been providing technical expertise to both the Government of Canada and Industry in satellite, terrestrial, wireless, and optical communications. CRC is recognized as a world leader in software development for SDR technology. Maker of the JTRS certified SCA reference implementation (SCARI), CRC also offers the most comprehensive integrated development environment for the SCA. CRC has been intimately involved in driving the evolution of the SCA and draws from its long experience to offer consulting services and training. CRC's team is constantly pushing the limits to improve performance, collaborating with best-in-class partners to support the major RTOS, ORBS, processors, boards and systms. Visit our booth to see a demonstration of our latest Core Framework and SCA Development Tools for Eclipse.




DataSoft develops, markets, and supports a range of SDR products for defense, transportation, telecom, and satellite markets. Our products inlcude SCA and non-SCA development platforms, test automation tools, Android apps, network security tools, and waveform porting tools.





DRS Defense Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DRS Technologies, is a best-in-class provider of advanced products, services and systems integration to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contractors. The company is part of Finmeccanica Group (FNC.MI), which ranks among the top 10 global players in aerospace, defense and security, employing more than 75,000 people. To learn more go to 






Epiq Solutions designs and builds state-of-the-art low power reconfigurable radio systems for mission critical applications. With expertise spanning RF system design to physical layer signal processing and higher layer protocol processing, Epiq Solutions provides engineering development services for customers requiring specialized signal processing hardware and software. In addition, Epiq Solutions continues to grow its Bitshark family of flexible radio platforms. These radios dramatically lower the barrier for building a software-defined radio system, while providing high performance, an easy-to-use interface, and a small form factor.




Etherstack is a wireless communications software company, and a leading independent waveform specialist. The company has been developing waveforms for radio manufacturers and defence clients internationally for over ten years - since the outset of commercial Software Defined Radio (SDR) - and pioneered many unique techniques and tools key to successful SDR waveform development. Etherstack’s engineers combine waveform design best-practice with a detailed knowledge of communications standards such as APCO P25, TETRA, DMR, MPT1327, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE and military specifications. They also specialise in multi-protocol IP core networks, which can be used with waveforms for completely flexible wide-area, field-deployable communications.




Ettus Research specializes in low cost, high quality software defined radio (SDR) systems. Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) systems all over the world enable users to address a broad range of research, academic, industrial, and defense applications. The USRP platform is designed to address applications that require RF modulations in frequencies up to 6GHz with wide bandwidths and MIMO setups. A few example application areas include white spaces, mobile phones, public safety radio, land mobiles, broadcast TV, FM radio, satellite navigation, and amateur radio bands.





Green Hills Software, Inc. is the largest independent vendor of embedded development solutions. In 2008, the Green Hills INTEGRITY-178B RTOS was the first and only operating system to be certified by the NSA to EAL6+ High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved for any software product. Based on the royalty-free INTEGRITY RTOS, Green Hills Platform for Software Defined Radio delivers a complete, standards-based reference platform for developing and deploying SDR systems ranging from the armed forces Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS) to public safety radios as well as commercial small form-factor reconfigurable radios. Our Platform for SDR includes multiple SCA OE solutions that are compliant with the latest POSIX and SCA standards. The Platform for SDR also provides integrated, host-based tools for every aspect of development, debugging, optimization, and deployment as well as a variety of integrated hardware platforms. Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.




Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $6 billion of annual revenue and more than 16,000 employees including nearly 7,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications® products, systems, and services. 



Innovative Integration is a leader in signal processing and data acquisition hardware and software. Our products combine DSPs and FPGAs with high performance analog, ready for integration into demanding real-time applications such as wireless, medical, and military. Innovative Integration offers complete solutions for software-defined radio applications and IP Cores for Radar, Wireless applications that provide high speed signal processing in FPGAs. These functions have been integrated into Innovative Integration's advanced X5 XMC family featuring Virtex-5 FPGAs and now the new X6 XMC family featuring the Virtex-6 FPGAs. 



MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on its products to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development. MathWorks products are used throughout the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, and industrial automation industries as fundamental tools for research and development. They are also used for modeling and simulation in increasingly technical fields, such as financial services and computational biology. MathWorks software enables the design and development of a wide range of advanced products, including automotive systems, aerospace flight control and avionics, telecommunications and other electronics equipment, industrial machinery, and medical devices. More than 5000 colleges and universities around the world use MathWorks solutions for teaching and research in a broad range of technical disciplines. For more information visit 





National Instruments delivers fast, flexible, and accurate RF hardware powered by LabVIEW software to meet the evolving demands of the wireless industry and see the engineering process through from design to validation to production. Virtual instrumentation from NI helps engineers keep pace with the constantly growing number of standards by delivering tools for signal generation, analysis, visualization, and processing of standard and custom digital and analog modulation formats. Tailored software for standards ranging from WLAN and GPS to WiMAX deliver powerful and cost-reducing wireless test systems that engineers have come to rely on. 





Objective Interface Systems provides real-time connectivity software development tools to meet the high-performance needs for worldwide telecommunications, data communications, industrial automation, consumer electronics, military, and aerospace markets. Objective Interface offers advanced communications infrastructures with ORBexpress®RT, ORBexpress DSP, ORBexpress FPGA and PCSexpress™. ORBexpress, the middleware foundation for the industry's first certified JTRS software-defined radio, is used successfully in virtually every major SDR program worldwide. PCSexpress is the industry's first high-assurance secure communications middleware for software-defined radio.



Optimum Semiconductor's core technology is a revolutionary multi-threaded DSP architecture with the capacity to perform flexible baseband processing for all wireless protocols including LTE and WiMAX -- as well as all multimedia functions -- without compromising battery consumption.



Pentek offers powerful VME, VXS, PMC, XMC, PCI and cPCI commercial and rugged board and system solutions. Pentek’s data acquisition, software radio and digital signal processing products utilize TI’s C6000 DSPs, Motorola’s G4 PowerPC and Xilinx FPGAs. Pentek’s I/O includes A/D’s, D/A’s, Digital Receivers and more. Pentek equips products with high-speed interfaces including Serial RapidIO and Fibre Channel and offers strong FPGA, I/O and DSP software support.




PrismTech is an acknowledged leader in Software Defined Radio infrastructure solutions. Our Spectra product suite for SDR/SCA developers includes:

  • Spectra CX - a model-driven development tool that greatly simplifies, accelerates, and validates the SCA development process.
  • Spectra OE - a high-performance, low-overhead, core framework and middleware implementation that runs on any mix of GPP, DSP, and FPGA processor technologies.



Redline Communications is a global producer of specialized application optimized, outdoor wireless broadband radio systems that allow companies and governments to quickly, easily and securely roll-out or extend networked services and applications over almost any distance. Customers in the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa include some of the world's largest oil and gas organizations, telecom service providers, military organizations, and local and municipal governments.




SoleNet provides design and development services including: system design and analysis, electronic board design, and FPGA code design. SoleNet is a member of Xilinx Xpert and Altera ACAP programs. In addition, SoleNet has experience in designing Lattice and Actel FPGA devices. SoleNet¿s expertise and experience includes design of High-speed digital, Embedded DSP & RISC processors, analog, RF & wireless, and High efficiency power supply systems. The typical end applications are data acquisition and processing, low-power battery-operated systems, and high reliability rack mountable equipment for telecom, datacom, commercial and military applications. SoleNet has also developed a family of Software Defined Radio (SDR) products. The family includes RDP-100 for HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands as well as the Extreme Radio (X-RAD) series for multi-GHz sampling and operation in L-band. NASA has selected both of these platforms for use by various internal groups. SoleNet, Inc. was founded in 2001 and is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.




Spectrum Signal Processing designs and builds board and system-level hardware solutions for demanding signal processing applications. Spectrum combines high-performance data acquisition (RF, analog and digital I/O) and reconfigurable signal processing hardware with its best-in-class support and engineering services to enable customers to rapidly develop and then deploy their products and systems. Spectrum has worked with both commercial and military customers worldwide to develop and deliver solutions optimized for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), video, military (MILCOM) communications and satellite communications (SATCOM) markets. For more information on Spectrum and its products, please visit Spectrum is part of Vecima Networks Inc. and its products are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.




NATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND CRYPTOLOGY (UEKAE), an institute of TUBITAK BILGEM, provides technology solutions and applications in information security and advanced electronics with its expert staff and internationally renowned infrastructure. Established in 1972, UEKAE has made joint R&D projects with private and public organizations for over 35 years. To be able to respond to future national and international demands, UEKAE advances continuously through research and development at its EMI/EMC/TEMPEST Test Laboratories, Acoustic Test and Analysis Laboratory, Common Criteria Test Center, Cryptology Analysis Center, Advanced Technologies Research Institute (¿LTAREN), Semi Conductor Technologies Research Laboratory, and Opto¿electronics Laboratory.






Vanteon provides the expertise, experience, skills and a flexible delivery model to create the custom electronic products our clients’ require.  We professionally manage projects for on-time and on-budget completion.

Areas of Expertise:
• Motherboards, Single Board Computers, Reference Designs
• Digital Video and Still Camera Imaging Systems
• Networking, Communications, and Storage Devices
• Internet Appliances, Consumer Devices, Printers, Peripherals
• Secure Systems, Encryption, Biometric Devices
• Industrial Controllers, Instrumentation, Medical Devices
• Portable & Handhelds, Wireless, Custom RF
• Transportation/Automotive Control and Display Systems
• Government Systems, Aviation Systems


Focus Technologies

RF / Wireless Design 802.11 802.15.4 ZigBee WiMax, Embedded Firmware, Application Software, DSP / FPGA Development, Prototype Fabrication, Analog & HiSpeed Digital Design, FCC / TUV / CE Certification, Pre-Certification / ESD / Immunity Testing




One of the largest university wireless research groups in the United States, Wireless @ Virginia Tech encompasses several centers and groups, including the world renowned Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG), Center for Wireless Telecommunications (CWT), and Virginia Tech Antenna Group (VTAG). The research group brings more than 25 faculty members whose technical expertise ranges from communications to networks, and more than 100 graduate students focused on wireless. While expertise lies deep within electrical engineering, such as antenna design, wireless networking, communication systems, micro-electronics, RF electronics, and system integration, disciplines outside of electrical engineering such as computer science, mathematics, economics, and business also make up the Wireless @ Virginia Tech team.


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