2019 Innovation Showcase



Intel: Software Defined Hardware Signal Detection

Demo using Intel FPGA SDK for Open CL on Arria 10 FPGA development kit. OpenCL is a high-level programming model for accelerating algorithms on heterogeneous systems with efficient direct I/O – kernel, kernel-kernel, kernel-host communication channels are provided. The signal detection algorithm provides time-frequency analysis through multiple FFT paths.  FFT outputs are then filtered through amplitude, frequency and statistics.  Finally, parameters like pulse width, start and end frequencies are extracted.

Presenter: Colman Cheung, DSP Systems Engineer

Colman Cheung received a BSEE from University of Illinois at Carbondale in 1985, and a MSEE from San Diego State University in 2008.  He started his career as a digital design engineer in computing and networking.  Colman is currently working in Intel Network & Custom Logic Group as a system and design engineer in signal processing and communications.


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