2019 Innovation Showcase

Intel: Software Defined Hardware Signal Detection

Demo using Intel FPGA SDK for Open CL on Arria 10 FPGA development kit. OpenCL is a high-level programming model for accelerating algorithms on heterogeneous systems with efficient direct I/O – kernel, kernel-kernel, kernel-host communication channels are provided. The signal detection algorithm provides time-frequency analysis through multiple FFT paths.  FFT outputs are then filtered through amplitude, frequency and statistics.  Finally, parameters like pulse width, start and end frequencies are extracted.

Presenter: Colman Cheung, DSP Systems Engineer

Colman Cheung received a BSEE from University of Illinois at Carbondale in 1985, and a MSEE from San Diego State University in 2008.  He started his career as a digital design engineer in computing and networking.  Colman is currently working in Intel Network & Custom Logic Group as a system and design engineer in signal processing and communications.


Extreme Sensitivity GPS/GNSS for Building Loss Measurements to Advance Shared Spectrum 

iPosi offers an extreme sensitivity embedded, low cost, cloud-assisted GPS/GNSS end to end system for 4G/5G and WiFi access point edge networks.  Working in challenging indoor environments, it provides localization and 5G synchronization for edge devices.  Industry forecasts expect 80% of 5G/WiFi 6 traffic will occur indoor. Site-specific building entry loss (BEL) measurements avoid exposing legacy or newly cleared operations and BEL  under-estimation which limits new shared channel deployments.

With measured BEL urban spectrum re-use rises typically 100-fold versus fixed-factor loss.  BEL data entry follows WinnForum interfaces for SAS, and fits into all 6 GHz AFC variants.  BEL measurements fit present and upcoming US and international shared bands.  iPosi will demonstrate extreme sensitivity GPS and features including BEL technology and show how it can fit into your shared spectrum platform or services.

From Development to Test & Measurement
A complete integrated solution 

VIAVI Solutions / NordiaSoft will demonstrate its Raptor system, a complete integrated development and measurement solution for SCA-based wireless systems.  Built on an instrument grade modular platform coupled with the SCA Embedded Components (eCo) Suite and VIAVI Signal Workshop, see how the Raptor system can speed up your Software Defined Radio product, from waveform development to test and performance introspection and analysis.  See also how RAPTOR can be used for spectrum monitoring to provide valuable signal intelligence information for dynamic spectrum access and other applications.

Presenter: Viavi Solutions/NordiaSoft

Physical Layer Security Demonstration Platform (PLS DP)

The PLS demonstration platform is a platform oriented toward embedded Wifi physical layer security. It is composed of a CPU/FPGA SDR platform (Zynq FPGA + FMCOMMS2 AD9361) combined with the ESP811 embeded Wifi core and RF switching capabilities. Advanced physical layer techniques (such as RF Finger printing and phase watermarking) can be developed on this platform to develop truly secured Wifi physical layer security screening systems. The developer is looking for partners to develop physical layer application based on advanced AI techniques. The platform can provide basic physical layer data (such as sub carriers phase and amplitude data, etc) as well as higher level Wifi digital data necessary to feed the AI-based system. Such techniques can be implemented and tested first on host-based environment (such as Matlab or other high-level tools) and retargeted to the embedded platform at a later phase. The developer is available to act as a consultant on such projects. The developer has an extensive background in SDR systems and associated research. He works for a number of organisation (Laval University, C2T3 in Trois-Rivières, Québec) and is a consultant in embedded SDR, telecom and IoT systems. 

Presenter: Louis Belanger


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