2018 Innovation Showcase



VIStology DeVISor Demo

Objectives: Demonstrate DeVISor - a network service that provides seamless insertion of new Applications and new types of Radio Frequency (RF) Devices with new capabilities into EW/ISR networks: • Accepts registrations by RF Devices and descriptions of their capabilities 
 • Accepts Application requests for a specific service 
 • Matches the request against the capabilities of devices and selects the best one(s) to carry out the request 
 • Forwards requests to the matched device(s) 
 • Collects results from the invoked devices and returns results to the Application The minimal requirements to achieve this capability are: • Applications express requests for services in a common language (ontology) • Applications implement JSON-RPC protocol to send their requests to DeVISor and receive results • Devices implement a single JSON-RPC method for registration with DeVISor • Devices describe their radio functions in the common language (ontology) • Devices provide access to radio functions via JSON-RPC interface. Highlights: • Adding support for a new kind of service (e.g. future jamming technique) requires merely a change in the ontology that is an input to DeVISor. Nothing needs to be recoded or recompiled. • Application's requests use terms from the ontology, without any design-time or runtime knowledge of the available devices and their capabilities. Service requests do not have to adhere to any standard API calls. • Newly added devices/capabilities are readily available for providing services to the applications on the network.


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