Mark Rich

Mr. Mark Rich joined DARPA in 2010, as a Program Manager for the Strategic Technology Office. Mr. Rich's program thrusts involve distributed sensor and communication systems for ISR systems and heterogeneous communication technology. Incorporation of commercial technology and methods is a focus.

Prior to joining DARPA, Mr. Rich worked at Atheros Communications where he managed reference design and development teams for high volume commercial 802.11n semiconductor radios. Prior to Atheros, Mr. Rich developed distributed and heterogeneous communications system and protocols for military communications and sensing applications with Fantastic Data, LLC. He was cofounder and CTO of SkyPilot Networks where he developed the mesh architecture for commercial broadband wireless infrastructure services. Mr. Rich was also the laboratory director for SRI International's Communication and Signals Technology Laboratory where he contributed to satellite communications, software defined radio, terrestrial cellular communications, digital audio broadcast systems, meteor burst communications and acoustic signal processing programs.

Mr. Rich holds patents in digital audio broadcasting, polyvector modulation, mesh communications protocols and architectures and antenna systems. Mr. Rich has served on the Defense Science Board panel for tactical battlefield communications.

Mr. Rich received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering, from Michigan Technological University, and a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Stanford University.