Title: Economic Aspects of Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio Regulation

Presenter: Keith Nolan, Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland)

Abstract: This presentation provides a brief overview of the COST-TERRA project and options being explored to help accelerate the mass market adoption of CR-based technologies. COST-TERRA is a multi-disciplinary European forum focused on the development of a harmonised regulatory framework to facilitate the fastest possible uptake, broad commercial deployment, and the maximum economic benefit of CR/SDR-based technologies (www.cost-terra.org).

Bio: Keith Nolan received a Ph.D.(2005) and B.A. B.A.I. degrees (2000) for Electronic Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. Since then, he has been working on reconfigurable radio, dynamic spectrum access, and machine to machine communications technologies with a strong emphasis on real-world implementation, trials, and commercial deployment.

Currently, he is a research fellow with CTVR - The Telecommunications Research Centre headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. He is serving as the chair of the Economic Aspects of CR/SDR Regulation working group within COST-TERRA; a multi-disciplinary European forum with members from over 20 countries, which is focusing on the advancement and broad commercial deployment of cognitive radio/software defined radio systems.