Jörgen Lantto Keynote Abstract

The rapid growth and development of cellular communications technology has resulted in a situation of massive fragmentation in both radio technologies and frequency bands, exactly the same challenges once faced and addressed by the first inventors in the field of Software Defined Radio, SDR.

Although SDR has been used in communications equipment for years, silicon technology and microelectronics architectures has finally reached a state where SDR is viable also in consumer electronics.

This does not mean SDR is easy. To make a single architecture range from 10kbps to 100Mbps and still be suitable for a pocketable, battery powered, consumer device represents a monumental engineering challenge.

In many ways LTE have been the catalyst for the drive towards SDR. It is also believed to be the technology revolutionizing how people and devices communicate. And LTE is here now. I will share insights and learning from how ST-Ericsson used disruptive SDR technology to introduce low cost, low power, consumer friendly LTE.